The Flem Cup is a true story that was unwittingly documented from its start. Although one of the book’s major themes – golf – is obvious, there are a number of story threads running throughout that make the story truly extraordinary.

There is Ian Jennings, my great friend, English business partner and the most remarkable man I ever knew . . . but it is much more than just a story about him.

There are the 5 years of our intensely competitive international golf match that built more than a few lifelong friendships and inspired any number of hilarious escapades . . . but it is much more than just a story about that.

There is inexplicable tragedy, an experience few of us can escape for a lifetime . . . but, thankfully, that was not where the story would end.

Where the story would ultimately end is in the unlikeliest of places – the place where the priceless gift of hope can be found.

The Flem Cup is a story I felt compelled to tell because I was incredibly blessed to be an integral part of it. Just the story of Ian and the 5 years of the Flem Cup is a wonderfully hilarious and touching story – but there is so much more to it than just that. Having lived it, I have no doubt that God’s grace was at work through the entire process. When you look back over everything that had to happen for this story to unfold, I found it an easy conclusion to arrive at.

Thank you for visiting the website and I hope you enjoy the emotional roller coaster that is – The Flem Cup.

Scott Dow

…excellent book about friendship, love and redemption…this book is a must read for any ardent golfer.

~A Pietracatella,
Amazon reviewer

An emotional roller coaster from start to finish..!! At times heartwarming, at others gut-wrenching, the story twists & turns from Myrtle Beach NC to the tiny, sleepy village of Spinkhill in the UK. A tale of 5 years of golf, fun, frolics, illness & incredible friendships