Letters to the Editor – Jennings Defended as “Golfing God”

October 27, 2001

Dear Editor,

It is nice to see the golfing community in South Carolina appreciates the international appeal and importance of such an event as the Flem Cup.  One gets the impression, however, that your correspondent, Datzit Indaruf, feels that pure golfing ability alone is not going to win this one. Thus he gets his verbal jousts in early. What other excuse could there be for his attack on the integrity of our very own Mr. Jennings. I feel duty bound to defend the honour and integrity of our illustrious leader.

Stuart "Swampy" Trowbride Offers His Most Menacing Glare

Stuart “Swampy” Trowbridge Glares Menacingly At An Opponent

On the subject of equipment, Mr. Co-Captain to my knowledge has never needed any assistance whatsoever from illegal appliances.  I have enjoyed playing with Mr. Co-Captain on many occasion, as have the vast majority of our team, and can categorically state his equipment has never before been brought under the public eye in such a base fashion. I am also sure that, when placed under the golfing microscope of truth, Mr. Co-Captain’s queried equipment will be given nothing short of a full blown apology. I do hope sincerely you stress upon the authors of future articles that this level of personal attack cannot and should not be deemed acceptable.

I think it also worthy of note Mr. Co-Captain’s recent Flem Cup record is not an indication of weakness in the cauldron of match play, but a level of generosity that is bound to be unfamiliar to Indaruf. Beware! The man Jennings is altogether a much stiffer challenge when rubbed up the wrong way.  The man is a tiger, a polar bear, a clever fox, a sneaky cheeky man-boy who revels in the big match arena.  He is a golfing god the likes of which only he can describe.  He will soak up these hollow accusations, cheap jibes and insults and be even more (if it is possible) of a golfing behemoth than before.

This is the kind of “lower than a snakes belly” behaviour we expected from our colonial cousins. Well let me tell you, Team England are not about to be drawn into psychological warfare! We are above such matters and our mental resolve is a characteristic we are justifiably famous for. You will have noticed my own is a particularly classic example. I hope I have set the record straight and look forward to meeting the Americans on the first tee, Nov 1st.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Trowbridge

[Editor’s Note: Mr. Trowbridge, aka “Swampy”, is a member of this year’s Team England squad]