Vote Unanimous: ‘The Flem Cup’

Emotional Letter From Flem’s Daughter’s Carries The Day

By: Datzit Indaruf, Flem Cup Correspondent

Lou Flem upon receiving the news that the event is, once again, The Flem Cup

Lou Flem upon receiving the news that the event name is, once again, The Flem Cup

MYRTLE BEACH, Nov 5, 2001 – At the presentation of the Lou Flem Cup to Team England, it was opened to the floor to vote on renaming what had become the ‘Lou Flem Cup’ back to the original name of ‘The Flem Cup’. Lou Flem, who was not consulted during the original name-change that was scandalously pushed through by Ian Jennings, bad-boy of England golf, offered up an email (below) he’d received from his daughter, who was making a simple and heartfelt plea to change back to the far more elegant ‘Flem Cup’.

In the end, a a unanimous 14-0 vote (neither Jennings nor Flem were allowed to vote) was returned in favor of changing back to the original name. Even Jennings admitted he would never have asked for the name change had he been more aware of the origin. Flem and Jennings hugged later, saying there were no hard feelings for each other, at least not emotionally, anyway.

The following is the text of the letter from Lou’s daughter, Andrea Flem-Wonderlin:


Ok, Ok. I have been pretty nice but enough is enough! The Lou Flem Cup?!? Have you guys completely lost your minds?!? My dad is an okay guy and all, and the fact that you picked his last name was nice, but his first name? This is where you lose face! The Flem Cup had a nice ring and gave your tournament a sense of class. Like I already said, my dad is a cool guy (he did rush my father-in-law around a golf course in Sedona AZ) but Jack Nicklaus he is not! Does Mr. Nicklaus even have a golf tournament named after him? I don’t think so.

Besides, Lou is such a bad name! (sorry dad) Why would anyone name such a fun event after Lou. Real men use their shirts as tissues and napkins, what’s wrong with having Flem on it?  Are you UK boys all pretty boys who are too good to have a little Flem on their shirts?  Flem is a good name, a solid name and it should stand alone!!

So do us all a favor to drop the Lou and restore the cup to it’s original glory “THE FLEM CUP”?

Thank you for your time,

Andrea Wonderlin (nee Flem)

(Go Dad and Team U.S.A.!) [Editor’s Note: Too little, too late]