Email Prompts Flem Cup Committee To Shut Down Web Site

Matthews & Milo Emails Imply Dow, Nelson, Needham Lying

By: Datzit Indaruf, Flem Cup Correspondent

SPINKHILL, ENGLAND, Nov 12, 2001 – An email received from Team England’s Greg Matthews concerning Clintonian legal scholar Paul Miles apparently condones the club-throwing of TE Captain Ian Jennings. By referring to the incident as a ‘non’ action and an ‘unfounded’ allegation, Mssrs. Matthews and Miles also chose to ignore the statements made by Paul Nelson and David Needham and effectively have branded those gentlemen as liars in addition to Dow. The Flem Cup Committee immediately withdrew all support for a website – which they were to jointly fund. That left this web site residing on Scott Dow’s business web site and he immediately revoked permission for that site to continue its ‘squatters’ rights. Dow did give permission for this one last article to go up in reference to Matthews stealing gambling proceeds and the emails received from Team England.

Whether or not this escalation will have any effect on the actions of the Angel Golf Society actions is unclear. The AGS is obviously dominated by a few, hard-core Jennings defenders that choose to ignore the facts and, in doing so, the truth. Whether the level-headed, more moderate members of the Society assert themselves and make their voices heard remains to be seen. would like to apologize for this event but it is out of our control. So for perhaps the last time, we are signing off from Myrtle Beach. It has been a pleasure serving Flem Cup fans worldwide for each and every one of the past 40 days or so.


Team US Co-Captain Dow-

I have just had the following e-mail from the AGS Legal Executive and individual winner in SC, Paul Miles (see below). As you can see, the AGS and Mr Jennings in particular can no longer be held responsible for his (non) actions so long ago.

I am waiting for further statements to be issued from other members of the disciplinary panel and will pass these on accordingly in due course.


Greg Matthews
Chief PA to Legal Executive Miles



A simple answer to a more and more complicated issue can be given as far as the Jennings case is concerned.

The AGS constitution is a myriad of rules, regulations, provisos and qualifications.  Article 6(1)(b) states…….the reporting of disciplinary issues must be made in writing within 21 days of the alleged complaint, a full enquiry will be held and the parties notified of the decision.

To my knowledge, compliance with this constitutional point has not occurred, therefore Jennings is free from disciplinary action and any further unfounded accusations may be subjected to litigation.

I take it you have read these rules!