The 2001 Flem Cup

As the inaugural year of the international version of the Flem Cup, we really had no idea what to expect as we prepared to gather in Myrtle Beach in early November of 2001. As it turned out, it was one of those times in life so special that when it ended, we knew it could never be repeated- and we were right. Although each subsequent year would be special in its own way, 2001 will always hold a special place in all of the player’s hearts. The newness of the event, the friendships, the intense competition and the hilarious escapades that transpired made it a year none of us would ever forget.

And then, of course, there was the website and the arrival of our team of Cup journalists, led by my little buddy, Datzit Indaruf. It was only set up a few weeks before the Cup was set to kick off but the stream of stories quickly became a torrent, each story closely followed by a growing contingent on both sides of the Atlantic. All of the 20 or so stories you see to the right, listed in chronological order, were written and posted between October 22 and November 14 – a span of only 24 days. 

So enjoy this bonus look into all the events and intrigue that transpired before, during and after the 2001 Flem Cup!