A Journey of Discovery

The Flem Cup was amazing to live through and be a part of but it was only in hindsight that all the seemingly random threads tied together into something truly remarkable. Although it is a fantastic stand-alone golf story, the greater underlying story was what was unlocked for me – and, hopefully, Ian – through the tragedy of his untimely death.

Throughout my life, I have been incapable of believing anything I am not intellectually convinced of. Oh sure, I accepted certain things on faith (2nd law of thermodynamics – I didn’t actually confirm it myself but I BELIEVE!) but never anything of eternal consequence. Even when it was all tied up in a pretty package with a nice bow and all sorts of great perks inside, I just couldn’t believe because I wanted to – I needed more.

Inspired by Jack Sr. and encouraged by my wife Theresa, Ian’s tragic passing proved a blessing in that it triggered a serious intellectual consideration of God’s existence and, eventually, what it meant, personally, for me. That journey changed my life and one of the main things I feel compelled to blog on is my own intellectual journey to faith and some of the amazing things I discovered (and continue to discover) that turned skepticism to belief. Even if you already have a strong faith, I believe you may find many of the posts fascinating and enlightening, strengthening your faith even more.

Let me emphasize that this is no blind leap of faith I am suggesting. That is exactly what I could never do – take a blind leap of faith – so I would never ask that of anyone else. On the contrary, one of the most incredible things I discovered is that God has always welcomed – even encouraged – and blessed honest intellectual pursuit of truth and it is THAT that I am proposing. The evidence is all around us. All we need to do is seek it out.

If you care to embark on your own journey to seriously pursue answers to life’s most fundamental questions, the starting point is to establish what those questions really are:

  1. Is there a Creator (God)? If the answer you arrive at is no, your journey is over and you can go on living your life with greater certainty than before. If, however, the answer is yes, proceed to question 2.
  2. Who is God and, as our Creator, what does He want or expect (if anything) of me?

We must also lay down some ground rules for our quest:

  1. You must be ready and willing to adopt a classically liberal (meaning completely open-minded, not the political meaning) approach to the subject. In other words, you must be willing to follow the clues and evidence as analyzed through your own logic and reason to wherever they lead.
  2. You must be willing to apply logic, reason and judgment towards the evidence presented. That includes looking at probabilities and likelihoods. Winning the lottery is highly improbable with odds of millions to one but we know from experience it IS winnable. But what if the odds were astronomically higher than that? Judgment must be applied. YOU are the judge and jury, responsible for deciding which side of any question you come down on based on the weight of the evidence.
  3. You must understand that when God has chosen to reveal Himself, He has done so through miracles, signs, prophecy and His word, none of which can be replicated in a laboratory. We will be dealing with evidence, not proof. Of course, this will only apply if we make it to question #2.
  4. You are not god. IF there is a God, He is our Creator and, as such, He sets the rules concerning everything.

My intent is not to cajole or browbeat but to simply to lay out some fascinating information (at least I think so) and leave you to consider its meaning, impact and implications. I also do not intend to recreate the wheel or ripoff intellectual material. Brilliant people have written voluminously on many of the subjects I intend to bring to your attention and I will either provide attribution to them or, whenever possible, provide a link to their efforts. I would encourage you to access the resources I use and read them for yourself.

Finally, I am always interested in respectful discussion or debate and welcome any questions or comments you may have with the promise of a response. I hope you find these posts fruitful and that they prove to be a blessing for you.