Author Scott Dow

Born in 1959, I spent my entire childhood growing up about 25 miles west of lower Manhattan in the small NJ town of Madison Borough – and it was a great place to grow up. Early on, I developed a great love of sports and competition with my first love being baseball, a sport I played competitively through high school, at Bucknell University and right on until I was about 30 (and to the enduring detriment of my golf swing).

Somehow managing to graduate from Bucknell with a BSME in the requisite 4 years in 1981, I embarked on an entirely undistinguished engineering career until, around 1990, I stumbled across the field of vibration analysis on machinery. Having found something that piqued my interest, by 1993, I, along with my partner, had started a small business specializing in the technology. From there, I would develop training materials and classes that are still being used worldwide today. I remain active as a senior instructor for Mobius Institute, the world’s leading vibration training organization.

Although possessing an engineer’s mind (governed by logic and reason), the dominant part of my brain is my creative and fun-loving side. The training classes I developed are unique in the industry, set up as games that teach students to think while illustrating important aspects of the complex technology of vibration analysis. I have been writing both technical manuals and a variety of more creative subjects for more than 20 years. I also love music, having played guitar for 40 years, and I remain an avid sportsman (mind more so than body at this point…), continuing to golf and curl along with a little basketball.

Although the Flem Cup is a compelling stand-alone golf story, a huge part of the story is the message of redemption and salvation. As a logic and reason-based person, I had given scant serious thought to the possibility (probability?) of a loving creator-God throughout the first 46 years or so of my life. I knew I was incapable of believing anything that I was not intellectually convinced of – I simply couldn’t do it. Having stopped going to church at a young age (about the time when Sunday morning sports began in my hometown), all I knew were vague details about some seemingly tall tales like David and Goliath. I believed religion was simply a faith-based decision, nothing more. Since that sort of decision left my intellect completely unsatisfied and unconvinced, I had no interest.

Then, in 2005, faced with the inexplicable loss of my best friend, Ian, and the bleakness of my own ultimately empty life, an incredible conversation with my great friend Jack Sr. gave me the push I needed to actually take the time to give the evidence of God’s existence a look – and what I found not only astounded me (and my intellect) but, even more importantly, it gave me hope I’d never dreamed possible.

Now my mission is simple – tell this story. I know that there are many other people out there like me – curious about some of life’s great questions but uncertain as to who or what to believe and too busy in life to put in the time and effort. This website is built around the book but I will also be adding materials that give you facts from a variety of realms that include science, archaeology, history and more – at least most of which I’m fairly certain you’ve never heard – and then letting you decide what to do with them. If you are skeptic or someone like me but you come with an open mind and heart, I believe you’ll be amazed at what you leave with.