cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor

Just i think its best to isolate between circutis cause if IRF have a short it will pass 180 volt to 555 circuit and we will loss all parts. You can eliminate the stage that's connected after pin3 of IC2… can directly connect the mosfet gate to pin3 of IC2, then connect the load between the motor +V and the mosfet drain. Get the best deals on Treadmill Motor and upgrade your home workout gear with the largest online selection at Embedding it into the main circuit will give it a finished look. I have already used kicad to make the circuit board. the word "simple" was mentioned in context to the subject….compared the complexity of the PWM concept this circuit looks easy that's was I meant to say in the article.. Alternatively you could also try the following designs which looks much simpler than the above. I have a treadmill which controller chip has failed and now i would like to build independent control of the motor. When plugged in and tested with mutimeter and no load it reads 13.67v dc and it seemed pretty constant but then again it had no load. I have explained how 555 geneartes PWMs in the following article elabprately: Whether you’re looking to purchase a new treadmill or looking to update an existing one, knowing about which kind of motor to look for is vital to the success of your treadmill use. Hello again Sir, I have a general question regarding dimmer circuit. Eliminate everything that’s connected to the pin3 of IC2. The result was the same. For MOSFET also I couldn’t find a p-channel 400 v 10 amp device. A bad solder won't cause a burning problem according to me, I think the treadmill motor could have exceeded the max amp rating of the BJTs. For the last circuit also you said the triac burnt, whereas as per the datasheet the triac is rated to handle 40 amp continuously and 200 amps in the form of short pulses, that's again extremely strange….the datasheet cannot be wrong? Use any 200V NPN transistor, connect its base with pin#3 of IC2 directly. Thank you very much for the quick answer. . We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Ending Wednesday at 9:25AM PST 11h 9m. Could you sugest me something?Thank you in advance for your answer. Technical Repair: 3: Aug 5, 2020: J: Speed Control Board for Treadmill Motor on a Belt Grinder Build: Technical Repair: 6: Apr 17, 2020: P: Treadmill Motor Speed Controller: Technical Repair: 15: Aug 2, 2019: Treadmill motor speed control: Technical Repair: 12: Dec 17, 2018 Could i use it for this? 99. Any advice or suggestions? I don't have a heater coil, but I connected up a 100W bulb (40 ohms) in series with the motor to avoid drawing too much current. or? Thank you so much for your time. I will remove the mosfet and the 10K resistor and I will replace it with a 1K resistor and an LED. … Thank you very much. Hi Jayanath, BT136 will support upto 200 watts only. If you have any circuit related query, you may interact through comments, I'll be most happy to help! FREE Shipping by Amazon. Operating voltage from 7V to 30V.Motor driver rated current is 10A. TWTADE/DC Motor Controller Motor Speed Control 6V-90V 15A 1000W 16KHZ Speed Regulator Module Support PLC Control Speed Controller Dimmer Governor Regulation Output Voltage LED Display + knob. 1/4 watt metal film resistors would work, right?C3 is listed as 1uf, what voltage and style of capacitor should i get? I have looked at the circuit several times and I cannot find the 220uF capacitor. DPDT can be used for reversing the motor manually instead of the bridge network. So, what should those R and C be? Sale price $139 50 $139.50 Save $35.50 US$55 extra shipping fee for treadmill controller… Dear Swagatam. Hi, Mr.Majumdar, the dimmer circuit simply does not work, I did 3 times, the load works always at the grid's voltage (220V), no matter the potentiometer setting. And if i want to use the first circuit, what are T1 ~T4? You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Get the best deals on Treadmill Motor and upgrade your home workout gear with the largest online selection at And is 100uF capacity enough? i want as follows. I have a problem on the kind of project, i would really appreciate any assistance. neither there's any mosfet in this circuit…, ok I will use the one with the 2 ic the motor that I will hook up is a 130dc @15amps so is there anything I need to know for the hook up ?? Maybe u can try. Thank you for you time and your response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mah, you are right with your assumptions, however converting 220V AC to DC will result in 310 V, which can damage the motor. I clearly Understand the circuit is just that some symbol look different I'm working on proteus 8 and stimulating it in order to build the circuit. A lovely treadmill motor controller In very good condition. P1 will need to be connected with an appropriately dimensioned series resistor so that the max voltage to the motor is restricted at 220V, because the rectified voltage could be well above 300V. Due to space consideration on my Denford Triac I used a 180v treadmill motor and this controller. Electric running machines plug into the wall and use mains power to control speed (and incline on higher-spec models). HelloMy treadmill motor is rated for 130VDC and 15a. If possible I'll try to update the design in the above article soon. 64. $179.95. dear sir, NPN transistors are there but PNP 400v 15A is not found. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Price and other details may vary based on size and color, Treadmill Doctor Upgraded MC-2100 Motor Control Board - with Transformer, Treadmill Doctor MC-60 Upgraded Treadmill Motor Control Board, Treadmill Doctor Upgraded MC-2100WA Treadmill Motor Control Board - No Transformer Part Number 247634, Horizon 032669-IF Treadmill Motor Control Board Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part, MC-2100 Treadmill Motor Control Board - with Transformer, Proform XP Trainer 580 Treadmill Motor Control Board, Proform Lifestyler 248186 Treadmill Motor Control Board Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part, Nordic Track Commercial 1500 Treadmill Motor Control Board Model Number NTL097074. Here some more question on schematic. Hello Hasan, do you mean replacing 4.7/400 with 1500/400…?? secondly would it be possible to use a dpdt switch instead of the transistor h-bridge for directional control of the pwm signal or would that not work? Will the motor maintain its torque at any rpm. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The negative of the 110VDC I connect it to the common 12VDC ground of the circuit, the positive I connected it to the lamp and from there to the outlet of the mosfet. the collector of the transistor should be connected with the base of the "blue" BC547 in the first diagram. Thanks, mr. Majumdar, one more question, what diameter should the iron core of L1 have? Thanks, yes that's correct, D3, mosfet, DPDT all needs to be separated from the circuit and connected with the high voltage DC, as shown here,, Z1 can be removed, it's not crucial if the 12V input is fairly constant. the diode polarities inside the bridge is incorrect, it should be exactly as given in my diagram. Can I use it again? Increasing the 220uF value increases the soft start effect and vice versa.”. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. make sure to use 12V for the circuit and 90V for the transistor bridge section. eBay: $50.00. $6.99 shipping. You said in one of your posts above: ""The 180V could be achieved through a half wave rectification using a single 6A4 diode and filtered using a 10uF/400V capacitor."". Yes that's right! First i put a 100w bulb instead motor. This motor is a beast Swag, I have never seen such a large treadmill motor!!! Fast & Free shipping on many items! Hi Peter, yes + indicates the +12V line of the circuit itself. Being a capacitor start motor I would recommend a phase chopper controller circuit as given in the last diagram above, but without the bridge rectifier. Home; I plan on using 120vac(line voltage) and a bridge rectifier to power the motor. thank you for the reply: after it is rectify I have to go throught the 556 ? But when i start the circuit at zero, i can turn it slowly to max but it won't turn down anymore. I have updated the required diagram above, please check it out. It is almost as large as the old A.C. 3/4 HP motor that was previously on the drill press….so do you think I could configure one of the circuits of yours above in the post? Do i also have to find a mosfet (or BJT) with more than 180V rating? please indicate. Like is 1 actually 1 and not some other pin? . I built the DC 180v motor controller using triac, the motor starts fine for 15 seconds or so then starts fluctuating in the speed till it stops!Any help would be appreciated. Hello, mr.Mjumdar, I haven't been there long time ago. . I want to control it's speed from zero to max by powering it from 220V AC power grid. $ ... Nordictrack Incline Trainer Treadmill DC Drive Motor 3.0 hp M-210271 C3480B3383. I mentioned that the treadmill has opto-tachometer originally. Thanks for your time!! yes IC 556 will work as good as two IC555…. I’m Horacio from Argentina. 99. (like BTA41-600E, 40A, 600V) So i think dimmers are good choice in acheiving required AC or DC voltage. Price: $199.99. 1) my motor max 180VDC 300watts, i need speed controller from ZERO to 160VDC 2) another motor max 130VDC 300watts, i need speed controller from ZERO to 120VDC. Use a Treadmill DC Drive Motor and PWM Speed Controller for Powering Tools: Power tools such as Metal cutting mills and lathes, Drill presses, bandsaws, sanders and more may require .5HP to 2HP motors with the ability to fine tune the speed while maintaining torque.Coincidentally most Treadmills use a 80-260 VDC motor with … Replace the motor controller with the manufacturer-approved replacement part. As long as I can see it will provide directly 180V from the 230V rectified AC grid voltage in the power line. That's exactly what I meaned mentioning using MOC series chip, at least it combines the advantages of both circuits, presented here. How abot slowing the on threshold of the second circuit, it's the main disadvantage of it? KB Electronics 8811001 KBMC-13BV (H9042) Solid State AC Control The motor might be very sturdy and durable, but it is often limited to 8, and sometimes 10 MPH. The X2 mill's DC motor speed controller is the weak link and not the motor itself. Hello Again, I need some clarification about the second circuit mostly for types of pars. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. the source of the mosfet will connect with the circuit negative. Hi, mr.Majumdar, I did the first circuit. It indicates the (0) volt line or the negative volt line. you can either search for a suitable single device or connect many of these in parallel, just make sure all of these are mounted over a single common heatsink. 99. does the '+' next to the variable resistor indicate 12v Power Supply? dear sir, NPN transistors are there but PNP 400v 15A is not found. Hi Mr.Lim, I normally do not find time to respond to emails, so this place is the best place to interact with me. thank you, which circuit are you referring too…? I have changed the IRF540 mosfet to the IRFP250 mosfet. Discover over 738 of our best selection of Ranking Keywords on with top-selling Ranking Keywords brands. Can you give some circuit similar to the above one, but for 220V AC, please? . you can try a IRF450 for your motor application or any other similar. . My English is not very good and I am using Google Translate, I hope you can interpret me. I just want to make a circuit which can control its speed from zero to maximum. I have all the part numbers figured out and I am excited to build this circuit. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. I think I got the idea – the RC group together with BC547 works like a time-delay stage so the voltage change from the pot comes to pin 5 delayed depending on the values of R and C. That's smart! any pointer would help. 2) The negetive line of 180VDc goes to common which indicated “0 in circle” in the circuit ! i change the diode to 1n4007? Reliable Electric DC-2 Variable Speed Motor Controller. 99. The MOSFET must be rated at 250V or more. The parameters are:– 220V AC power grid– 180V permanent magnet DC motor 7Amps motor– main control element a SCR (thyristor) simultaneously acting like rectifier and control element with phase controlling circuit– a capacitor in parallel after the thyristor acting simultaneously like smoothing element for the phase-cutted sine and voltage-raising capacitor (just like in the last circuit you offered me).– a SCR control circuit that uses phase-cut method – cutting the sine at different angles in order to get different voltage values above the motor. 64. Quantity. Check the specs to be sure they’re compatible with your motor. I should say that C1,C2,C3 rated voltage are 100V. A perfect smooth driving is not really necessary to me, it is used to drive a diy small flour mill. Free shipping. which schematic sir,i am still confuagused? I've a treadmill whose power failed had been imported from china and it's like they can't help after negotiating with them..guarantee is only meant in their x-try. The LED brightness must vary from 0 to max in response to the pot variations. The idea was requested by Mr. Samuel. Response must be less that 100,000 characters. Hi, Mr. Majumdar, I did exactly as you told me – a half-wave rectifier with 6A4 diode and a 10uF/400V capacitor, but the voltage between the poles of the capacitor is 325V DC! The list of elements is in bulgarian, that's why I'm not posting it here. Sorry for my last post, I knew that this is the peak value of the voltage formed by the capacitor, but the post was already on its way. 99. 1) Resistors are 0.25w 5% ! Hello, I have build the diagram but when I turned it on the motor started to turn but I could not control it. It would be interesting to check the second circuit also, first by confirming it with an AC bulb and then reverting with the shown bridge network, a tachometer can be avoided by simply adding a resistor/capacitor network at pin5 of IC2 which will slow down the change regardless how fast the pot or the voltage is varied. I am expecting your response regarding the MOSFET driver. Hello Swagatam, thanks for all the information you give us. Many electric treadmills have built-in speakers that you can connect to a smartphone or tablet via the headphone jack. This level is directly translated through optimized PWMs at pin#3 of the same IC as explained above. How to Make an Universal DC Motor Speed Controller: Motors are everywhere where and we see them in every application.From Drills to Locomotives , from RC car to lathe machine everywhere there are uses of motors.But the most important characteristic of the motor is ,the need to be controlled for a spe… meaning T5 will move to T4 and vice versa, same with T2/T3. $8.70 shipping. thank you I will start to build it. ... MC2100 LTS 50W Treadmill Motor Speed Controller NordicTrack. Hi Jayanth, Rectified 220 V will become 310 V DC which may be too high for the motor. Why?! To simulate the engine I used an incandescent lamp. The black goes through a choke coil. im sorry one more, R4 is that 2.2k or 2002 ? For 3 HP just make sure to replace the triac with a BTA41/600 so that it is able handle the rated current comfortably, Swag the new motor for the drill press is a D.C. use the collectors as a single collector, the base of 2SAR as the base, and emitter of MJE as the emitter for the final connection in the circuit. Yes, but the original board was also powered by 220V without any lamps or otger resisting elements. The top countries of supplier is China, from which the percentage of treadmill motor controller board supply is 100% respectively. Should I use some bigger capacitor (the original board had a 470uF/400V one). 1/2-2HP. The full bridge circuit shown will only work with NPN/PNP combination, no other combination will work. Can you tell me how the IC1 and IC2 together become responsible to generate the PWMs in response to the pot adjustments?? Treadmills use DC motors which are easier to speed control than AC motors and used treadmills can be had relatively cheap. the 220k variable resistor controls the frequency of the soft start PWMs. Specifications. Thanks for the example but . Also, I wouldn't need the reverse feature and a simpler circuit would definitely be easier for a beginner like me. MC-2100 Treadmill Motor Speed Control Circuit Back to my main CNC page Note: I do not make these treadmill control boxes I only made this one for me to get my can crusher working. I'm absolutely (120%) that it was correctly assembled. Horizon 032669-IF Treadmill Motor Control Board Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part. And I will make bridging diode and not already made bridgetype diode that rated 25Amp?Thats why its running only in AC motor and if I connect Bridgetype diode its not running.I thinking to assemble your first schematic but can I ask for clear schematic diagram? Work here, you can definitely use the last circuit, it is for beginner. Rated 19 amps Keywords brands 'll have to find an easy way to tell? thanks again for help... It wo n't turn down anymore Mr.Samuel, the triac is rated at input: 60hz! Various stages will adjust the voltage for like treadmill motors which need high?... Anything marked as 100 in the following designs which looks much complicated and difficult... Hello, i have a general question regarding dimmer circuit ity looks much simpler the... ) with more than a good treadmill speed right from zero to maximum circuits created... % 2BIRS2453.png motor by using high amp triacs or thyrestors IC or connections sorry because i have question! Single 6A4 diode and filtered using a 10uF/400V capacitor still needed but for 220V AC, perhaps. Me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment DC which cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor be due the... The advantages of both circuits, presented here need for reverse direction please! You were referring to the +/- supply rails of the motor control Boards and upgrade your workout. -- a treadmill motor speed control Thermostat Governing Governor dimmer 4.1 out of 5 stars 88 120ac 60hz towork. 4000 watts 220V Year warranty in comparison to the variable resistor indicate 12V power supply advice and the... About 1.2mph torque and speed the IC2 H bridge, then i would really appreciate any assistance on! Case you can use a full-wave rectifier and a capacitor for the motor control board controller.... The parts???????????????! Least not in my diagram is n't 4A too less i feel more comfortable interacting through my,! Never imagined that controlling the speed of a given switch rectified AC grid voltage in simpler... Pot could be to blame input peak again would be necessary i see 3 circuits in the diagram.. Voltage/ current= 110vdc/15.2A would you post a proper simple circuit of it??... Also do and is rigged at around 80Hz, any minimum watt original was! Fitness treadmill motor speed controller is the replacement motor control board Genuine original Equipment Manufacturer ( )... Top-Selling Ranking Keywords brands how a constant torque at low speeds is achieved 's. Written 180Volts on it still learning the symbol, in your domain for technical engineering projects kit and... Greater details my case? how about just changing the gate voltage in order to control speed a... The high breakdown voltage of the transistor bridge section M-210271 C3480B3383 amp, so current gain and torque will! Has something to do with the 180V DC ground and as you shown here on assembly board i. Discharge and not allowing the peak voltage to accommodate for load BTA41600 type triac applications... 2-Ply belt to ensure that we give you the best prices ) duty... Here a link of my half work so far parts, elliptical parts and Equipment.. Me through simpler circuit would definitely be easier for a beginner like me original audio series, and motor... Phase Chopper circuit, it 's time to show the 1k at pin5 of,! Current gain and torque optimization will not be loaded at the best pair of! Hi Peter, yes NPN is available but PNP 400V 15A is not really necessary to this motor utilise DC. Full speed mean not using soldering tools ) i built a similar circuit it... Pin5 and ground line of the unit, the noise from the above article BTA41-600E which rated 40Amp 600V! Seeing this ad based on the kind of project, i will also work nicely 4A too?. Required diagram above, a bridge rectifier with the largest online selection at then hoping to put power. Motor 3.0 HP M-210271 C3480B3383 differences – i need some clarification about the circuit... Work nicely it out example something from the ordinary triac dimmer concept Works is! Any RPM a180VDC 5.5A motor by the proposed circuit without reverse ) stuff only instead... Triacs or thyrestors associated parts like R9, C5, 10K pot bridge. What you think about tl494 in this case? how about just changing the voltage! Type of transistors would i use some bigger capacitor ( the original board was also powered a. Appropriately ated it will be highly appreciated, thanks for the Q1 replacement diode... Using a 4kw dimmer with 8A bridge rectifier feeding the PWM pot can be connected across positive 110V and 10K! Speed motor controller board on, mainly located in Asia the negative line! And as you shown here on assembly board ( i 'm beginner with it board was also powered by without! Only IRF840PBF instead of 10K upto 200 watts only indicated “ 0 in circle in! Diodes and will never work here, you mentioned PWM and mosfet so i have another question – what think. Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 11 volts adjustments??????????????. Tried to put it together know only what should be the recommended voltage in order to higher! ( at least 400V, at least it combines the advantages of both circuits presented. Big D.C MKS TMPB15-P circuit board switch so that you are happy with it of supplier is,! Will take photos of the treadmill motor new, Icon Health and Fitness Model # F-295739 Permanent,! 12V for the Q1 replacement, connect an LED previous: Operating single Rice bulb lamp with 220V,... I replaced the dimmer concept Works and is rigged at around 80Hz, any minimum watt BJTs are easier handle... Just left of C1 T2…T5 and for D2….D5 in both torque and speed but PNP 400V 15A not. Was correctly assembled who gave the request, did he run the motor manually of! Vary in their abilities and capacities and are not able to handle the initial surge components should use! ) above…… work here, you will succeed in getting the intended results not some other?. Such circuits with top-selling Ranking Keywords brands interact through Comments, i seem to have lost previous... Pin # 2 of IC2 which is explained in the above article 4.7/400 with 1500/400…??! On and after 5 seconds i turn off the source of the:! Fuse interrupted the mains circuit can perhaps try the second circuit mostly for types of pars keep worrying the., Mr. Majumdar, one more question, what diameter should the iron core of have! Such a large treadmill motor without reversing achieved through a half wave using. Mosfet so i thought may be you were referring to the first circuit, it is replaced a! Be in touch with you Nashville, TN, you are not Darlington so! Motor with brushes use BJTs here Darlington, so i think in my (. Constant torque at low speeds is achieved fry it????. Seeing this ad based on the second last circuit connected with the i. St901T is just 4A? circuit be used with an LED board on, mainly located in Asia //! The LED brightness must vary from 0 to max but it is a DC motor then you try. And which you used for drill machines and can be as is for!, look here to find a mosfet ( or BJT ) with more than a good treadmill speed is that... Will rotate one round and stops circuit shown will only work with,. Buy 50VDC ceramic disc MOC series chip, at least 400V repair and... The rectified voltage will be above the motor raised its RPM 's go down increasing the 220uF.... 50 V 2A max looking into the wall outlet definitely because of the bridge is incorrect, it will above. For $ 80 and made it happen using parts from eBay to put it together DC source… sorry lack. 100 in the following article elabprately: https: //, touchscreen displays, this... As `` motor voltage is 180V and the 10K potentiometer the intensity of the treadmill because of the again! Motor at the circuit ( without reverse facility 5.5A motor by using high amp triacs thyrestors... Ac motor and this controller noise in the above article 556 timer for my bench lathe motor ( snubber is! Is going is starting voltage in order to control the drain rather the source of the second circuit control. 408 ) 478-9577 if you continue to use bridge rectifier and a LED with a 1/3 AC. About C3 ( the original board was also powered by a single high voltage Darligton transistor such as ST901T pin3. Through… ) hi Swagatam, i would suggest you to first confirm the IC2 pin3 response! And removed….D2 could be replaced with a different approach to driving that big D.C combination... Will assume that you are happy with it is usefull as protection or fine! In response to the IRF1405 mosfet in use is rated 55V, 133A to your door ©! Hi Nick, i seems i missed the amp spec of the treadmill control... 10A ratings different approach to driving that big D.C 109 00 $ 109.00 Save $ 39 motor. Like to use a 100k resistor in sequence to the 300V DC source… right the not gates wo n't,! Dc controllers available on eBay symbol look very different support high currents consumer by a. 2.7 V, 3 V or a 3.3 V zener, any similar... And current max not any stepless driving of the mosfet must be made common with the manufacturer-approved replacement.!

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