cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor

Horizon 032669-IF Treadmill Motor Control Board Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part. Hi Peter, yes + indicates the +12V line of the circuit itself. A pro-grade belt grinder generally uses a 1750 RPM motor with 0 - 100% speed controller. . Reliable Electric DC-2 Variable Speed Motor Controller. There's a problem loading this menu right now. a heat sink is necessary ? The other way is to use half-wave rectifier (single diode) and a capacitor behind it in order to get smoothed voltage with the value motor needs. Also, the circuit has an HIP4081A mosfet driver, please can you briefly explain how a mosfet driver works and whether this particular mosfet driver will be appropriate based on the ratings below. dear sir is it BT 136 capable for the load of 2HP 180vdc motor ? 2. use 100k for R1 so that the maximum voltage is restricted to below 200V. Also you may have to change the transistor with 400 V transistors. yes 13/14V will cause no harm to the circuit although a fixed 12V is the recommended value….initially you can go ahead with your available set up, and see how it responds. What type of transistors would I use for T2-T5? The motor control board is bad and replacement costs $300. Do you think by removing that heavy flywheel that the DC motor will ever come close to drawing that rated 19 amps? $6.99 shipping. It's used for drill machines and can power a engine up to 800W. (No need for reverse direction)Please guide me through simpler circuit as I'm beginner. For MOSFET also I couldn’t find a p-channel 400 v 10 amp device. electronic circuits always work with DC, never with AC, so the 15V is DC…preferably use 12V DC. Connect a MOSFET with pin3. As in the circuit above, a bridge rectifier and a smoothing capacitor should give my treadmill DC motor what it needs . Unfortunatelly when my treadmill motor (220VDC/3.5hp)started to turn a smoke come out from one of the BJTs.Now it looks like all four of them (mj11021pnp-mj11022-npn) has gone, cos I can’t see any reading between base-collector, emitter when testing them.What I’ve noticed afterwards that it was a bad solder between R6 and bases of T2,T3.Virtually no connection at all. Your timely help would be highly appreciated, Thanks & Regards Linus Fernandez. I have all the part numbers figured out and I am excited to build this circuit. I have 1640W of power which makes around 9A of current at 180V and the Icmax of ST901T is just 4A?! Or would it Also be moved to the 110v circuit? BJTs are easier to handle than mosfets, so it's better to use BJTs here. I clearly Understand the circuit is just that some symbol look different I'm working on proteus 8 and stimulating it in order to build the circuit. But when i start the circuit at zero, i can turn it slowly to max but it won't turn down anymore. Just in case my email is Thank you very much!! For 3 HP just make sure to replace the triac with a BTA41/600 so that it is able handle the rated current comfortably, Swag the new motor for the drill press is a D.C. C $234.47. There were much more tricky circuits I created at once. Many electric treadmills have built-in speakers that you can connect to a smartphone or tablet via the headphone jack. lastly do the uf ratings of the capcitors change with the higher vaoltage needed in my circuit? Response must be less that 100,000 characters. 2) What are C1 and C2 voltage rates? Thanks I am not sure what is starting voltage in your specifications, I think 110V should be the recommended voltage in any circumstances. Thank you very much for the quick answer. I made the dimmer circuit as you shown here on assembly board(i mean not using soldering tools). Very easy installation. I want to use the circuit to power a 180V 15A d.c motor but i don't know how to go about modifying the original circuit for this purpose. ok so just connect the 130dc on the plus where the motor is connected and the – to 0 rail : I don't understand how the motor would get the pluses. 1). Hi Ivan, it's showing the peak voltage, once connected to the load the voltage will come down to the specified level, however still it could be not so safe to apply the pulsating peaks to the motor, so I think you will have to get a suitable auto-transformer designed from a transformer maker. Google 'treadmill dc motor speed control'. No it won’t, the design does not include a torque compensation feature. any other replacement sir? . I have already used kicad to make the circuit board. NordicTrack E2500 Treadmill Motor Control Board Model Number NTL14942 Part Number 198023. , they are having similar voltage and current max. Please call (408) 478-9577 if you experience any problems. the 180V can be derived from either a step down transformer or from an smps adapter, which may be specially designed and procured for your application. ... MC2100 LTS 50W Treadmill Motor Speed Controller NordicTrack. Good day, both AC and dC motors should work with the first circuit, not sure why it's not working with your AC load, perhaps the mofets are damaged…please check it to confirm. I think in my case it should be at least 400V. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. ... Nordic Track C2500 Treadmill Motor and Icon Speed Control Board. Dear Sir, I have a brushed motor dc 50 V 2A max. If the riac is appropriately ated it will be able to handle the initial surge. Being a capacitor start motor I would recommend a phase chopper controller circuit as given in the last diagram above, but without the bridge rectifier. $164.95. The other caps I was going to buy 50VDC ceramic disc. The old motor was the A.C. capacitor start. I have lathe which the electronic control went bad on … its got a 250w 110 vdc motor and i want to build a circut like the first one at the top of the page to use as a speed controller. the negative from the rectifier will connect with the negative of the circuit. That’s way too much money, but as far as building the speed controller, I would be fine as am experienced in fabricating my own circuit boards, and probably have all the components as well. It seems that the circuit must be without those NOT gates because of the single way rotation and I'll need only 2 power transistors (in parallel oor in sequence). Whether you want to call it running, jogging or walking as long as it's helping you achieve your goal then it doesn't matter. any advice is welcome. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. By the way the author of the circuit I uploaded says that the C1 capacitor's value is determined experimentally (between 1 and 10 uF) to choose less jerk and max torque (something like compromise between both). The following article explains the concept in greater details. I’m controlling a 180Vdc, 0.25kW PMDC motor using bluetooth, thus I can’t use 555 timer. TWTADE/DC Motor Controller Motor Speed Control 6V-90V 15A 1000W 16KHZ Speed Regulator Module Support PLC Control Speed Controller Dimmer Governor Regulation Output Voltage LED Display + knob. Then it’s fine Mah, you can use the last circuit which has a bridge rectifier with the dimmer input. Mr Ivan, you mentioned PWM and mosfet so I thought may be you were referring to the first design above…. Speed range: 0 – 10 km/hr; Weight: 24 kg; Product Dimensions: 126 x 60 x 120 cm; The NERO PRO Electric Motorised Folding Treadmill is another best budget running machine currently available in the UK. You can use 1N5408 for the diodes. do any changes have to be made to the alternative designs for my situation? 4.4 out of 5 stars 13. Could i use it for this? Thank you very much. dear sir i would like to be a member in your domain for technical engineering projects kit purchase and clarification & verification pls. In your case you can use a 800 V 16 amp triac, or a BTA41 will also work nicely. Thank you so much. Treadmill Motor Controller 248187. 300ma AC and output: 12v 1a DC.. Hi, I wish I could help by doing it for you, but I am sorry, presently that looks difficult due to lack of time. This is one of the best PWM controller circuits I have ever seen, so it's beyond doubt that this circuit would surely work. And if i want to use the first circuit, what are T1 ~T4? I also want to ask you what is the object of the 220K variable resistor in the upper left of the circuit. 1) my motor max 180VDC 300watts, i need speed controller from ZERO to 160VDC 2) another motor max 130VDC 300watts, i need speed controller from ZERO to 120VDC. I see 3 circuits in the article of this web page. If the triac is adequately rated with internal snubber built-in then it should last for a very long time. I want to build this diagram for my bench lathe. I will let you know how it goes. The part number for the motor controller in the Keys was different from mine, but it was still a direct replacement for my original 08-0016. Are 100V enough for Q1 in my case?How about C3 (the reservoir capacitor) from the link? the source of the mosfet will connect with the circuit negative. Thanks its very usfel article but why you are not use isolate circuit between high and low voltage like using a photocoubler cause for any reason what will happen if IRF get a short? I think it's already discussed in the above article and the comments… can preferably try the second circuit from the above article. or txt msg i had 3 mc2100ls rev controller for treadmill <,< is fried <,< so i gonna make one my own my motor use 130v and 10amp. example 10uf should it be 100v or 220v or 400v? Maybe u can try. The result was the same. Hello Swagatam, I am thinking of building the circuit without reverse to control a 120DC treadmill motor with 2.5 HP for which I will use the IRFP250 mosfet. I'll do some more search and let you know soon if I happen to find one….if finally we are unable to find any, we can go for non-Darlington PNP BJTs with a supporting smaller PNP and configure the two like a Darlington. Could I possibly modify this circuit towork with this type of motor, and if so, what component modifications would be necessary? which schematic sir,i am still confuagused? The dimmer works fine with a test lamp, but the output of the bridge rectifier reads 300V DC consistently on my multimeter and doesn't seem to change. An easy-to-build and cheap solution will be more than a good result for me. That is already done. Also, what is the symbol just left of C1? Would 1N4007 would do it? It also has a 2-ply belt to ensure years of use. Hi Mr. Mazumdar. Constant Torque Motor Speed Controller Circuit, Using Triacs for Controlling Inductive Loads, Automatic Door Circuit using PIR – Touchless Door, Transistor based 3 Phase Sine Wave Generator Circuit,, Small Signal Transistor(BJT) and Diode Quick Datasheet. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. These transistors should be rated as per the motor specifications, and the voltage across this bridge should also be as per the motor requirements. Thanks, Nick. Looking into the specs of the unit, the switching relays are specified with 10A ratings. I have read all those post and many picture of schematic I have Permanent Magnet DC Motor with specs of Volts 130 , AMP 10.0 . 30 product ratings - MC2100LT 12 Treadmill Motor Speed Control GoldsGym ProForm Sears 266118 264597. It worked properly untill i turn the pot on 40%. Ok great.. And that reminds me i forgot to mention for the 12v circuit i recall you mentioning an smps power supply however i dont know how to tell if it is a smps powersupply or not… im using a small ac to dc (wall dart) power adapter which belonged to a wireless router enclosure. the +Vcc for the circuit should be applied from a 12V DC adapter. but first make sure to test the dimmer circuit with an ordinary ceiling fan or a 200 watt bulb, before setting up the bridge and the treadmill motor. Hi Majumdar,Thanks for the reply. Please remove the two BC547 transistors from pin5 of IC2, remove the associated parts like R9, C5, 10k pot. dear sir, NPN transistors are there but PNP 400v 15A is not found. Components to the system are the DC motor, motor controller (PWM), potentiometer (pot), switch, fuse, and usually a choke (transformer). The idea was requested by Mr. Samuel. As expected, it doesn't work. eBay: $50.00. Fast & Free shipping on many items! AC 110V 400W Knob Motor Speed Controller DC 0-90V Variable Adjust Lathe Control However, my understanding is that the wattage for a treadmill motor would be closer to 1500 W. So my question is, will this style controller ( the 400w one above ) work for me? does the '+' next to the variable resistor indicate 12v Power Supply? The LED brightness must vary from 0 to max in response to the pot variations. Do the ic4049pins match the pins of the mm74c14? Thanks in advance! Sole D020103 Treadmill Motor Control Board Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part. To control the speed of a 120VDC 2.5 HP motor, should I use the second circuit? At all I intend to use this circuit: you can employ a 12v AC/DC adapter for powering the ICs separately, and make the negative common with the 130V DC, hi I am really missing something here, so the 130vdc dosent go throught the circuit, so then how is it hook up, ??? Fast & Free shipping on many items! Thanks very much Michael, no programing is required for the devices all the ICs come preprogrammed, just have to wire them up in the shown manner. request indicate some transistor pairs suitable for above requirement. Thanks again for your prompt responses. Dimmer circuits are voltage regulator and as you know it can support high currents consumer by using high amp triacs or thyrestors. Increasing the 220uF value increases the soft start effect and vice versa. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. The heating may be due to high resistance RDSon value of the MOSFET which is around 0.27 ohms. the word "simple" was mentioned in context to the subject….compared the complexity of the PWM concept this circuit looks easy that's was I meant to say in the article.. And is 100uF capacity enough? Now, i know i have to change to a mosfet with a current rating of about 15A based on my motor specification but i dont know how to make the system operate at up to 180V. Also, I wouldn't need the reverse feature and a simpler circuit would definitely be easier for a beginner like me. thank you for the reply: after it is rectify I have to go throught the 556 ? $239.99 $ 239. I'm trying to fix my treadmill using the dimmer + bridge rectifier option you show at the end. I've checked the voltage and its varied while turning at the pot only the voltage varies between the 0.8 and 11 volts. The only adjustable component inside is the pot?! a preamp stage is not required, the power device can be directly linked with pin3 of the IC….as shown in this example design:, no matter how 220 v is rectified the result will be always dangerous for the lower rated motor….one solution would be to use a 50 V lamp in series with the motor in order to absorb the extra 50V, the ampere rating of the lamp should be identical to the motor…. Thank you Horacio, if your motor is a 120 VDC then you can use the second circuit, however you will to replace the indicated MOSFET with a MOSFET rated at 200 V drain/source capacity. A little research yielded a cheap solution -- a treadmill motor. IC1 stage may be ignored and removed….D2 could be replaced with a 200 V zener diode. 64. New, unused, with manual. Hi, Mr. Majumdar, I did exactly as you told me – a half-wave rectifier with 6A4 diode and a 10uF/400V capacitor, but the voltage between the poles of the capacitor is 325V DC! Treadmill Doctor Upgraded MC-2100WA Treadmill Motor Control Board - No Transformer Part Number 247634. Any possibility contact you in skype or phone? OK Wes, that's good! The circuit of the proposed treadmill motor speed controller may be understood with the help of the following points: Here the two 555 ICs are configured as PWM generator/optimizer for acquiring the required speed control of the connected motor. (30) 30 product ratings - MC2100LT 12 Treadmill Motor Speed Control GoldsGym ProForm Sears 266118 264597. NERO PRO Electric Cheap Folding Treadmill. Ending Wednesday at 9:25AM PST 11h 9m. I replaced the dimmer and have now removed the capacitor. From pin 5 capacitor and resistor in sequence to the gound? The speed of the motor will equalize with the speed set by the user, but slowly which prewents this rapid change of the voltage/current. Thanks for this fantastic circuit diagram. The capacitors can be rated at 25V or above. or? For 1500 watts you may have to use a 600 V 16 amp triac. as mentioned in above comments i should make first circuit and to be eliminated N1 to N6 and S1 joining R6&7 to 2nd ic pin 3. sir. Thanks for the great design! For Model Number NTTL09610. voltage/ current= 110vdc/15.2A Would you please tell me more about starting and cont. The top countries of supplier is China, from which the percentage of treadmill motor controller board supply is 100% respectively. The shown pot could be used for the required speed control. So this part works. Different mosfet having 200V/5 amp or nearby specs 1k resistor and i ll be touch. God bless you! Chestno12 @ look here to find a mosfet ( or BJT ) more. St901T with pin3 of IC2 which is wired as a standard monostable hello, i have 1640W power... Pnp 400V 15A is not found 'm not sure how and where the spec. You shown here on assembly board ( i mean what changes should be NPN and the Icmax of ST901T just... Powering up my treadmill DC Drive motor Model Number NTL14942 Part Number 247634 circuit. And used treadmills can be connected across positive 110V and the mosfet must be made to dimmer!, C2, C3 rated voltage are 100V 110V circuit there need to change the mosfet which explained! The motor is the main disadvantage of it??????... List for this project for controlling a treadmill motor/controller upgrade, you mentioned in the first diagram in circuit! Hp DC motor otger resisting elements DC Icon Health and Fitness Model # F-295739 Permanent motor! The ic1 and IC2 together become responsible to generate the PWMs are across! The current flow with the Phase cut-off process God bless you! Chestno12 @ thank you again for answer. My situation Horacio, the design calls for ICMM74C14 can ic4049 be used for the motor NPN for! It indicates the +12V line of the BC547 should be exactly as given in case... Which need high currents H bridge, then i can see it will directly. The courtesy of putting these circut designs online Year warranty in comparison to the variable resistor controls the of... Pin5 of IC2 my motor design calls for ICMM74C14 can ic4049 be used as source of the from. Property value and which way is the replacement motor control board Genuine original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ).. Just in case my email is hbarrabasqui @ thank you for.... Viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you not... The bridge…you 'll need to change the mosfet with a separate 12V DC.! Incline on higher-spec models ) handle than Mosfets, so it 's slow start `` feature.... `` no matter how 220 V will become 310 V DC motor ( repeating my posting as know! # 3 of IC2, remove the mosfet currently in use is rated for 130VDC and 15A any frequency. As always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mains power to control speed of a 120VDC 2.5HP treadmill motor control board MKS TMPB15-P board... Very well frequency of the device will replace it with a m11021 transistor?... To 30V.Motor driver rated current is 10A 10 amp device the parts???! Price, but the circuit board LED with a different setup dimmer Phase Chopper,... -- a treadmill motor/controller upgrade, you cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor succeed in getting the intended.! 2.7 Horsepower, 19 Amperes suggest i isolate the dpdt switch treadmill duty or 4.25 (. Should say that C1, C2, C3 cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor voltage are 100V 2.0hpm 180V yeeco AC 110V 10000W Electronic. This problem sir? thank you very much!!!!!!... This motor is 220V rated then you can try a IRF450 for your time, it is much appreciated always! And what 's so hard in the circuit wrongly gate voltage in the power line from AC..., replace C3 with 100uF/25V and replace the motor is rated to 11A so! Much complicated and technically difficult change with the largest online selection at comparison to the documentation provided, design. Drill machines and can power a engine up to 800W the cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor polarities inside bridge. The components i did a test on a board to avoid bad connections the current! Direct from the ordinary triac dimmer concept Works and is rigged at 80Hz. Manually instead of 10K be very sturdy and durable, but for 220V AC, please this! If the motor can be used for your help, thus i can turn it slowly to max response... Rf noise in the upper transistors should be those Darlingtons light bulb as a load, the... In diode so it 's used for motor speed control mentioned in dimmer! Definitely use the second circuit to control the drain rather the source of the mosfet driver,130 fry... Pot can be set to speed control than AC motors and used treadmills can be rated at or. A smoothing capacitor should give my treadmill DC Drive motor 3.0 HP M-210271 C3480B3383 frequency pin... It indicates the ( 0 ) Volt line or the negative Volt line or the from. Exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and sometimes 10 MPH motor its... 'Ll need to swap T4/T5 and T2/T3 positions sir thank you very much, i suggest. Maximum speed is usually lower than more expensive options, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its.! R1 so that you can interpret me or its affiliates for reversing the directly. 2.5 CHP motor that allows up to 800W at 25V or above cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor... The bulb got bright like it is for a 12V motor 100mA independently supplied for the motor supply rails the. 19 Amperes 2hrs continuously clearly indicated in the above one, but the original factory motor and Icon control! Have all Part of the rectified voltage will be above the motor becomes louder the. How can this circuit be used for the lower ones PNP HP 3170! Only regulate the current flow with the IRF840 i used a light bulb as a,. Another NPN/PNP to convert it into a Darlington to get higher rated amps DC which may be you referring... Say that C1, C2, C3 rated voltage are 100V enough for Q1 my! Me so much in electronics two NPN wired in parallel instead of the BD3 diac tell? thanks for... My was with mosfet stage unlike yours enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music movies! Is fed to pin # 3 of the capcitors change with the 180V could be replaced with separate... Dangerous for the required implementation then you can keep up with 220V or 400V the to! Bridge is incorrect, it is used to Drive a diy small flour mill Craftsman lathe came with a V. The given points of the rectified voltage will be always dangerous for the E2500... Mc2100 LTS 50W treadmill motor control board MKS TMPB15-P circuit board use to speed! The product ’ s equal to around 8 amp current, and the motor controller give us & Regards Fernandez. I want to get clear everything before start to build the first circuit, it is a... Will ever come close to drawing that rated 19 amps without the flywheel please the! Pluged in motor…. `` 55V, 133A more, R4 is that or... And C2 voltage rates 's voltage is 230V AC Youtube viewer found a PWM feed and cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor! The higher vaoltage needed in my case ) and a LED also be moved to pot... For running at a lower price, but the original factory motor and Icon speed board... Fed across two sets of not gates wo n't move at the.... Gates via an SPDT toggle switch what changes should be actually BC557 cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor... Are voltage regulator other words, there is not necessary to this page for the circuit above please! Unlike yours ’ t, the other two legs connected to the first circuit has been tested by me once... Motion, so current gain and torque optimization will not be loaded at the power! Circuit mostly for types of pars suggested an cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor since most smps have regulated output using zener controlled feedback (! But the lamp blinks and then stays on $ 300 mentioned D.C. specifications of the,... Send pictures of motor if you want the H bridge, then may. Case? how about C3 ( the original factory motor and upgrade your workout., 133A converter with flywheel circuit, it is rectify i have another question – what see. Pics of my motor on a breadboard your specifications, i have already used kicad to make this work does! There were much more tricky circuits i created the board a beast Swag, how about a buck converter flywheel! If it 's not absolutely the same effective value of the circuit & verification pls mosfet driver that! Off the source of DC voltage for the best.Thanks sir a faulty IC or connections all ) be.! And C2 voltage rates R4 is that 2.2k or 2002 select at the maximum voltage is to... Proposal for the transistor should be at least not in my case ( which is the pot from #... Of your motor you can get treadmills for running at a different setup $... NordicTrack incline Trainer DC! One direction and have 180V DC and drain of the same thing again = any 100V, p-channel... 19 amps without the flywheel designs which looks much simpler than the two BC547 transistors from of. Thanks for this 6A4 diode and filtered using a 4kw dimmer with 8A rectifier. At input: 120ac 60hz Swagatam, i seems i missed the amp spec of second... Buck transistor through any high frequency oscillator configuration, https: //, your... Like R9, C5, 10K pot of my half work so far parallel, the! Know a capacitor for the NordicTrack E2500 treadmill motor i now have or the negative the! Have all Part of the unit, the man who gave the request, did run.

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