Story Vault


Although the website materials were an invaluable resource in the writing of The Flem Cup memoir, the book was never intended as a simple recreation of those stories. It was intended as a far deeper look into all aspects of the story, including my own life struggles during those years as I dealt with my own problems and, of course, the eventual passing of my best friend at 49 years of age.

With that said, the original stories offer the reader a chance to fully experience the ebb and flow of all the different story lines during those years. Although the book contains some of the best and funniest stories, only about 15 of the nearly 120 in total actually made the cut and many of those are equally funny.

It is for those untold stories that the story vault was created – a place where the reader can gain some further insights into the warped mind of Datzit Indaruf and his journalistic sidekicks. By clicking on any one of the years, you will find the complete index – in chronological order – of that year’s stories. The complete 2001 year – certainly one of the funniest – is available now while the following four years will become available over the next few months. If you’d like to be notified when those years go live, please sign up for our email list. We don’t spam, we don’t sell and we don’t barter your contact info (we’d rather have your trust) so don’t worry, your email address will be safe with us.